Things I Want To Do This Summer

I've just been reading a Blog post by Tanya Burr called "Things I Want To Do This Summer", which inspired me to make a Bucketlist of things that I want to do this summer.
I think it's always a good idea to write things down that you really want to do, because for me it's more likely to be done if I've been planning to do something.

Burano, 30142 Venedig, Italien

My favorite Place: Burano, Venezia

I'm writing this in the middle of a gloomy Spring Day in Germany.
I've just been looking through my holiday photos on my laptop and found myself dreaming about a nice summer day in Italy. For the last couple of years I've been on holiday every summer at the same place at the same time. But this year it's going to be a lot different!

Spring Time

I absolutely love Spring. It's probably my favorite season.
I love the flowers that begin to bloom and the feelings you get.
The happiness that you feel by realizing the gloomy and cold winter days are over and instead turn into nice and sunny spring days.

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