Things I Want To Do This Summer

I've just been reading a Blog post by Tanya Burr called "Things I Want To Do This Summer", which inspired me to make a Bucketlist of things that I want to do this summer.
I think it's always a good idea to write things down that you really want to do, because for me it's more likely to be done if I've been planning to do something.

Otherwise I would most likely do the same things the whole summer or even do nothing the whole summer.
I've got a pretty long summer ahead of me with a lot of time on my hands, because I'm out of school in just a month. And that's where my first thing to do this summer kicks in.

I want to find something to work full-time. Now this might sound weird and probably isn't on everyone's list of things they want to do, but I want to find a full-time job to help pay my big trip in November this year. It's something I need to do, but also something I really want to do. It's like the first step of a few reaching up to the day of our departure. 

I want to spend more time with my friends. This one seems to be an easy one. I usually spend most of my days with my friends, but we usually spend them in school! I think it is a lot harder to spend time with your friends as soon as you are out of school. Most of them will be off to UNI or will be working or even travel after school is done.My goal is it to spend a lot of time with people I love before I'm off to travel later this year and maybe even catch up with friends I haven't seen in a long time.

Get fit. This is such a cliche thing to do, but I really want to get fit this summer. I want to be in my best shape, feel happy and confident in my own body. If I will be walking my dog everyday or go for a swim in the evening, it doesn't matter as long as I try to get in shape.

Read a book a month. Now, this one I stole from Tanya herself, because I thought it was a really good idea. I don't read as much as I want to and for me it would be pretty much impossible to read a book every week, so every month seems possible to me. I have a big list with books I want to buy or even books I've already bought but haven't read yet. If it's a John Green/Rainbow Rowell kind of book or a travel guide is totally open.

Discover new music. I love music! I love to sing to it when I'm all alone or listen to music whenever I have time to do so. And I love to discover new music or artist, that only a few people know about.

So this summer I want to find new bands/new artists/new songs to jam on in my car or sing along to when I'm home alone. My goal is it to find music that I love, will remind me of my summer when it's not summer anymore and find the kind of music that is worth taking with me to travel.

Be more spontaneous. What seems to be such a stereotype for Germans, is actually one of the things that holds me back the most! I'm a quiet shy person. I really don't like to talk to strangers (I always imagine what they would think of me, which gets me to say nothing to strangers) and I feel like I can't really be myself and do whatever I like. I feel like, if I would be more spontaneous, I would be a little less shy and would be experiencing so many things that I normally definitely wouldn't do. And with these things, I could do when being more spontaneous, I would probably break out of my comfort zone and be more open for new things. If it's a spontaneous drive somewhere or something like getting a tattoo. 

Those are just a the biggest and (to me) most important plans I want to do or work on this summer. I might write another post with things that I come up with to do this summer.

What do you want to do this summer?

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