10 Cities I want to visit


Admittedly, I haven't gotten around the world, heck even Europe or Germany. I might haven't traveled a lot, and if I did it was mostly the same place, but I have big plans.

I have so many places I want to see, so many people I want to meet. There are so many cities, that want to be explored. I want to share 10 Cities I really, really want to visit one day.

London, England
To everyone I know, this won't come as a shock. I talk about wanting to go to England way too much. London has been on my list for a few years now, but nobody really wants to go with me and i don't feel like staying in a foreign city in a foreign county on my own. I'd rather share it with someone like a friend or potentially a boyfriend. Until then, I guess I have to wait!

Dublin, Ireland
Who doesn't want to go to Ireland at some point? I've heard so many good things about Dublin and I wish to go there someday and maybe go into a Irish pub. I would love to explore a bit of Ireland as well. Not just this one city.

New York City, USA
The big apple, the city that never sleeps. I don't really have to tell you much about this one, do I? New York is a big city with a great skyline and loads of things to see.

Sydney, Australia
Since I've read so many guides about Australia, I wanted to go there. Sydney is probably the most known city in Australia and a must-see. If I could only see one thing in Australia, it would be Sydney. It seems like such a great and exciting city to explore.

Los Angeles, USA
I want to do all the touristy things you can do. I want to go to the walk of Fame, I want to see the Hollywood sign, go to Disneyland and go to Universal Studios as well as visiting all the beaches.

Reykjavik, Iceland
This might be a little bit more unique. I haven't heard of many people saying Iceland is a place they want to see. But looking at photos from Iceland had me falling in love with this island. I would love to see Aurora Borealis and the Blue Lagoon.
Miami, USA
Another city in the US. I imagine Miami to be like paradise. Beautiful beaches, nice weather. That's all I want in life. I would also love to take en-route to Disney World, while I would already be in Florida. Why not take that chance?
Cologne, Germany
Or Köln in German. Like I said, I haven't seen a lot. Not even a lot of Germany. Cologne is a good 5 hour drive away from home, yet I've never been there. Out of all the cities in Germany, Cologne is the city that I want to see the most.

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Here we go again with the guide books. I got a guide for Tasmania as a birthday present and love to just look at the pictures. I wouldn't just want to see Hobart obviously. I would love to explore Tasmania the best I can, rather than just stay in Hobart.

Perth, Australia
At the opposite side to Sydney lays Perth. If I think of Perth, I think of dolphins near the beach and loads of Germans. At least I've heard that a lot of Germans live in Perth. I would love to find that one out for myself.

What are your top 10 cities you would like to visit someday? Do you plan on going to a foreign city soon or have a couple tips on a city you've been to or you live in?

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