August Favorites

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I notice on myself, that I go through phases of either using the same products and things for a while or changing everything up completely. The month of August seems to be the latter for me.

I might bought WAY too many things this month.
So here is my monthly favorites with a lot of random things:

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Sets
You've probably read my blog post on the Rose Golden brushes I just received. If you haven't: Why?

These brushes are the most beautiful set of brushes I have ever seen. And they feel so incredibly soft too!

Lush Ocean Salt
August has been a month in which I obviously thought I should treat myself. First the Zoeva brushes and now I've treated myself to some Lush products. One of the products I've already tried is the Ocean Salt Peeling. And it is mind blowing!
Firstly, I love the smell of this stuff. It smells like Lemon with a bit of Ocean. Delicious!
And it works so well as well. You can either use it on your face or your body in general.

L'Oreal Glam Bronze La Terra Sun Powder
One of my biggest obsessions at the moment is bronzer. I don't get overly tan, which is a shame and bothers me a lot. Therefore I like to pretend to be a tiny bit tan by slapping on bronzer. Well, maybe not slapping on but I use a good amount of it. A fairly new bronzer in my collection is the L'Oreal Glam Bronze La Terra Sun Powder. Not only is the packaging an absolute eyecatcher, but the product itself is so nice. This bronzer will give you such a nice glow because of the tiny gold particles in it.

EOS Lipbalm
I've seen so many celebrities with these little egg shaped lip balms. I own 3 of them by now and can't seem to stop smelling or using them. They smell and taste delicious. The packaging of these is so cute, but they are pretty bulky and inconvenient

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West
I've been obsessed with books this month. I think I bought 4 books this month to take to Majorca with me. This book didn't quiet make it on holiday with me. 
The minute it arrived, I had to read it. And I've read through the whole thing in less than two days, which is a big deal to me. 
The Distance Between Us was such an easy read (like reading a good book on Wattpad) and had me captivated. I just couldn't lay it down and remember staying up until 3 am to read it until I forced myself to go to sleep. If you need a easy book to read and follow along with, definitely check this one out.

Young & Hungry
In the search of a new series to watch, I stumbled across "Young & Hungry" on Netflix. I've already heard lots about this series, as I do follow Emily Osment on Twitter and Instagram and wanted to check it out. As with so many things, I got obsessed with this and watched 2 seasons in a really short time span. If you want to try out something new on Netflix, go give this one a shot!

Baymax Big Hero 6

I'm a little late on this one to be honest. I wanted to see this movie in the cinema but never came around to do so. Now I've bought the DVD in hopes of it being a movie I would enjoy.
And how much I enjoy it! It's such a cute movie that I could watch over and over again. In the small time I've had this movie for, I've watched it a good few (5!) times. I just can't get over how cute this movie is.

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