Introducing: My Dog

I think I've mentioned a couple times that I am a little dog crazy or that I have a dog.
As September is her birth month, I thought: Why not introduce her to you?

Her name is Lara, she's a 12 year old golden retriever and a really important part in our family.
She's my favorite model to photograph, as you can tell on my Instagram, and I like to call her my annoying little sister. Her interest include sleeping and eating, pretty much like me then. She loves to eat ice cream, pretzels and coffee. Well, not really coffee but a soon as someone is in the kitchen to make coffee she knows there could be something for her to eat. She actually understands the word coffee! Other than that, she loves snow and hates storms/noise and being bathed.
She's been a part of our family for roughly 12 years, so pretty much her whole life. 

Lara might not be the kind of dog to cuddle. She doesn't seem to enjoy if we cuddle her or talk about her but that doesn't mean we don't try to cuddle her from time to time. The nice dog she is, she will quietly wait for the torture to be over and then proceed to walk away from us. However, if one of us is in the kitchen or someone's eating she stays strong and protects her front row seat with the perfect view of the food. 

Even if she doesn't want to get cuddled, she is a loyal and family orientated dog. She hates it if someone is raising their voice. If you raise your voice, she will look at you as if you just hit her. 
My dad likes to walk to the bakery with her on Sunday mornings and usually lets her wait outside without having to leash her. Even if people pet her or walk by with food, she won't move until my dad is outside and next to her again. Now that's a loyal dog!

She's such a laid back and relaxed dog over all. She doesn't usually bark. I say usually, because she's slowly getting old and cranky and likes to bark at people walking by our house at night. I don't know why she is doing this all of the sudden. Golden retriever usually are pretty relaxed. That's probably why she didn't bite me yet, even though I annoy her on a daily basis.

Do you have a pet or would like to have one? Do you have a favorite story of your pet?
Let's all share stories and gush over our pets or pets we'd like to have some day.

Lara's first day at home

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