Pastel Nails

left to right: blanc, fiji, spaghetti strap, romper room
It's no secret of mine that I am a big nail varnish junkie. I used to buy dozen of each color and texture until I had a whole drawer dedicated to them. Since then, I try to pull myself together. And I did a really good job at that until my prom came up and I wanted a color that would fit my dress.

I love pastel colors on my nails. If it isn't Essie's Mint Candy Apple (that sadly dried up after a while) or blanc which is a plain white it is probably a pale pink color. I'm not that keen on dark or eye scorching colors like a bright red or a dark blue, mostly because they are a pain to remove but I do wear some darker ones around autumn just because they fit better with my mood.

One look in my drawer and you will find a color scheme right away: pastel pink.

I have so many different pink nail polishes, that somehow look the same but they're not. You get me?

My favorite brand at the moment is Essie. While these shades look pretty much the same, there is something that sets each one apart from the other.

Essie "blanc"
Fiji is a really hyped up color by Essie and I couldn't believe my luck when they brought it back into their Limited Edition last year. This is my all time favorite nail polish. I can't get enough of it!
It is such a gorgeous pale pink.
Essie "Fiji"

Spaghetti Strap is my sisters favorite to apply. She loves it!
However, it needs a couple coats to fully cover up and I'm just not that into applying many coats.
Spaghetti Strap is a nude/pink color, that is really watery in consistency.
Essie "Spaghetti Strap"

I choose to wear Romper Room to my prom. It needs two coats to fully cover up but fit the color of my dress perfectly at the end. Essie describes this color as "tea rose". Out of all the pink nail polishes, this is the one that I think is the easiest to apply. I really like the formula of it. It glides on really smooth and doesn't streak at all.

Essie "Romper Room"

What is your favorite Nail polish brand? Do you have a favorite color or shade?

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