Tanya Burr Lipgloss

Some of you might think that I am really slow because these glosses have been released ages ago.

But no, I just stumbled across these gems and thought I would give them a go. I've bought one of these in the shade "Afternoon Tea" as soon as they came out and loved it! It is my favorite Lipgloss and I've gotten a few compliments when wearing it. At the beginning of the year, I bought 2 other shades of Tanya's Lip glosses in the shades "First Date" and "Just Peachy".

As fast as I bought them, as fast they were forgotten again. Now, a couple months later, I found them in my drawer and felt the need to actually give them a try after they couldn't fully convince me the first time.

These two shades are a lot lighter and I have a feeling they're actually a bit different in consistency to the "Afternoon Tea" gloss.

left to right: First Date, Afternoon Tea, Just Peachy
Maybe Afternoon Tea just got warm at some point or something like that, but the other two seemed streaky compared to it. That's probably why I have barely touched them since I bought them.

Either way, these are gorgeous colors and I was determined to make them work on me.
Tanya Burr was the one to bring me back into the Lip gloss world, I owe it to her. 

These glosses are so incredibly pigmented. You definitely don't need a Lipstick underneath. 
And the smell of these is mouthwatering. If I could, I would eat them. No lie!

Do you have a product you really want to love? What do you think of Lip gloss?

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