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I looked through Pinterest and stumbled across this quote that made me think. Think about life, my life, and the chances I have or had at some point. My future, that I like to say is still undecided even though it's already running. Time is running and things I said, did or thought already are in the past.

I would lie, if I said that the future, more specifically my future, doesn't give me anxiety. Whenever I see a quote like this one it brings me back into a state of overthinking.

I already have so many  moments that I think about and think to myself: what if?
What if I didn't do my A-levels because one of my teachers told me I couldn't do it?
What if I would have gone to that party my friend wanted me to go to?
What if I would be a bit more outspoken, instead of overthinking everything I want to say until I don't say anything at all?

But those are all in the past. Nothing I could do to rewind and do it all differently.
Some decisions I do regret of course.

I mentioned before, that I tend to overthink a lot. Mostly about my future.
My family might think I don't care that much about my future, but I think I care a lot more than is healthy for me.

I break my head in, thinking about the millions of ways I could go. I overthink. I let my fears take me over and decide for me. Instead of doing what I love or want, I do what other people tell me I should do.
I wish for myself to be happy with the life I lead and not to think about what could've happened at some point or let my fears guide me. I want to see the world, have a job I love to do and be surrounded by people that make me happy.

Everyday is a new day to make new decisions.

I hope for everyone to be happy and lead the life they desire.
Do you have a quote that inspires you or made you think?

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