Top 5 Lush products

Who doesn't love Lush? The overwhelming smell of Bath bombs and body lotions when you first step into a Lush store. All these pretty things laying out for you to look at and smell.

Sometimes I just like to treat myself with something from Lush and this usually leads to me spending my money on everything I can get my hands on.
However, if you have no idea what to get in there, you will probably feel completely overwhelmed by everything and end up not buying a thing in there.
So, here is a list of my Top 5 Lush products.

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub
I've heard so many good things about this product. It is one of their bestsellers and for a good reason.
Not only does it smell amazing (like ocean and lemon) but it is one of the best peelings I've tried so far. Avocado and coconut to hydrate your skin, while lime and vodka clean your skin up.

Big Hair Shampoo
Whenever I look at a instagram picture of someone showing their Lush products, I spot this shampoo.
The name says it: It's supposed to make your hair big. And it does!
I never had a problem with flat hair as I've been graced with a natural volume. Thank god!
I seriously don't know what I would do if it would be any other way as I am absolutely useless when it comes to my hair styling. And even though I have a bit of volume, I really wanted to try this shampoo to see if it really works. Over half of this product is sea salt, which makes it really weird to wash your hair with it. However, it foams up so well. You only need a small amount of this, so I am pretty sure this will last you forever.

Lip Scrub Popcorn
I've had this lip scrub for ages. To be honest, I sometimes forget about it.
BUT this is such a great product. I am sure you could recreate this at home but I am loving the taste of this particular Lip Scrub. It makes your lips feel so incredibly smooth and exfoliates your lips so well. However, you shouldn't put this on your lips if you're on the go or you will find sugar and salt crumbs all over your face.

The Comforter Bubble Bar
It just looks so pink! And the smell (swoon).
It smells like blackcurrant and if you crumble it under running water it created a pink bubble bath.
I have bought this plenty of times already and never get tired of it.
One bar usually makes 6 baths for me which I think is a good deal. If you want, you could use one bar for two baths to have more bubbles. Whatever you want, it is up to you.
I don't have one at home right now but I will definitely buy one or 2 next time I'm in a Lush Store.

Mask of Magnaminty
A weird name that I couldn't pronounce for the life of me but it works and that's the only thing I should focus on, This mask is so incredibly refreshing and seems to pull any dirt and spot and what not out of my pores. A day or two later I might have a few spots more to fight but as soon as they are gone I'm left with a spot-free face.
Oh, the smell! It smells incredibly strong like mint (DUH!), which you either hate or love. I choose to hate it as I really don't like mint at all but the mask is so good that I can forgive and forget.

 Here you go, my top 5 Lush products. What are your top 5 favorite products from Lush?

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