What I love about autumn

I am usually not that positive when it comes to the transition from hot summer days to cold and stormy autumn days. I make myself feel miserable by complaining about the weather and the fact that I have to walk the dog ever damn day.

But this year I want to surround myself with positive vibes and try to find the good things about autumn.

First things first. Halloween is coming up!
While in Germany we don't celebrate Halloween much (even though this is up and coming) my sister and I love to spread a bit of Halloween feeling with carving pumpkins, putting up decorations and making food that looks horrifying.

While we're already on the topic of food:
I love, love, love the food in autumn.
In Germany, a really common food around fall is "Zwiebelkuchen" which translated means "onion cake".
And it's exactly that (look it up on Wikipedia!). While it might sounds really disgusting, I have to say that I'm absolutely loving it. The one thing I look most forward to over the year is to eat that and drink a glass of wine, Federweisser to be exact.

Usually I would say everything pumpkin is autumn food, but we eat it all year around. So it's not really anything special to me.

One thing I can't deny is my love for scented candles. It physically pains me, that I can't light one around summer mostly because of the fact that I would die of how hot it would be in my room.
As soon as the weather changes and evenings turn cold I am in my room lighting a scented candle. They just make me feel so cozy.

And one last thing:
Hot beverages. I love my coffee a lot and will drink one even if it's 35 degrees, but it's just not that enjoyable to drink in the heat.
Now that it is getting colder again, I can cuddle up on the couch with a hot coffee or a hot chocolate in my hands to warm me up and watch a ridiculous amount of hours on Netflix.

I guess, there are a couple things to be looking forward to now that it is getting a bit colder.
What is one thing that you look forward to around autumn?

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