Autumn Nails: Essie

I usually don't care about seasonal nail colors and like to stick to my pastel colored nail varnishes (blog post).
Recently I've been eyeing a couple of Essie colors that seem to appear in many blog posts for Autumn nails. I like to talk about three Essie colors I bought recently, who in my opinion are the perfect autumn colors.

Buy Me A Cameo

This is the nail polish that got me in this mess. I wanted to see if my local drugstore got this color and ended up with three. I've seen this color on a couple of blogs on bloglovin and fell in love with it. It is a metallic copper/gold color, that Essie describe as "a frosted satin mocha".
It only needs one coat and you are good to go.

Master Plan

I am a sucker for colors like this. It is a grayish brown (or mud) color.
Essie says it's "a mischievous soft gray".
I actually already have a similar color like this but this is Essie (!) we're talking about. If I could, I would buy every single color.
You will need two coats of this color.


Splash of Grenadine

I bought this one mostly because it had a reduced price (shame on me).
However, I did eye this color in particular for a while now and never gotten around to buy it.
It is a soft purple pink color, that Essie describes as "a playful magenta pink". 
This will also need two coats for a good coverage.

What is your favorite nail polish at the moment? Let me know in the comments.

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