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I go through two different phases when it comes to books.
Either I want every book and read them all in one go (which leads to me buying way too many books) or I don't even want to hold a book in my hands.
In late July/all of August I have been on a book buying craze.

I bought 4(!) books to read on holiday, which was only a week long. Later on, I bought another 2 books to add to the pile. And I realized, I even have 2 books in my reading list that I got for my birthday in December. While I had (and still have) a lot of time on my hands, I couldn't get to read each book until now. All of the following books are currently laying on my bedside table, ready for me to read at any given moment.

Rainbow Rowell Landline
Rainbow Rowell Fangirl
Sharon Dogar Waves
Huntley Fitzpatrick My Life Next Door
Jandy Nelson The Sky Is Everywhere

Do you have a book(s) you really want to read and haven't gotten around to do so?
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