October Playlist

I live for playlists. I have at least 6 playlists on my phone for different moods or occasions and wouldn't even think of deleting one of them. 

Recently, I really got into making playlists on Spotify. 
It's so much easier to do a playlist on Spotify if you're not sure of a song or album. That way I can listen to it before I buy it and won't regret a buy. Around this time of the year it comes really in handy as with all the album releases and not knowing which one to buy first (seriously, why so many at once and then nothing for the rest of the year?!)

I thought, why not do a playlist of what I am listening to these days and share it with you?
I have to warn you though, there are a couple of 5 Seconds of Summer songs in there.
They just released their new album and it's been on repeat since then. If you don't like them feel free to skip these songs (but why would anyone do that?).

I recommend lighting up a scented candle and put this playlist on shuffle. Have fun with my current faves. Tell me which songs you like at the moment. Or maybe you've got a song or artist for me to check out? 

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