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Since I got access to Netflix on a lonely Valentines Day this year, I got kind of addicted with watching series and finding new ones to put on my must-see list.
It got as far as watching a whole season of Pretty Little Liars in approximately 24 hours until I stopped myself to study for my upcoming exams. I put everything on hold until I was done with every exam I had and later on got addicted to Orange is the new black and Young & Hungry. But my record, up until now, was probably having watched all 7 (!) seasons of Parks and Recreation in one full week. So you could say that Netflix destroyed my life (I'm fine with it though).
I have been completely obsessed with Parks and Rec recently. I didn't want to sleep at night because I wanted to know what happens next. It didn't help that Ben and Leslie grew to be my favorite Fictional couple really fast.

So I thought I would share my Top 5 favorite series (on Netflix or not) as of for now with you.

-The Nanny
-Parks and Recreation
-Modern Family
-King Of Queens
-Young and Hungry

What is your favorite TV series and why? What series would you recommend to me? I've run out of series to watch and I consider watching Parks and Recreation all over again.

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