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My sister and me bought a lot of DVDs over the years, meaning our shelf is overflowing and unclear what kind of DVDs we even own. Recently, I started to rearrange the shelf in order to find every movie I want to watch in a short time of looking for it.

Today, I want to share my all time favorite movies. The DVDs that I seem to grab the most and I could watch every day for the rest of my life (too dramatic?).

Pitch Perfect
I'm not a big fan of musicals and rarely watch old Disney movies (like Aladdin) because they sing to much. I love a good soundtrack, but feel rather awkward when the characters sing in the movie. Maybe it was Fat Amy that made me love this movie, or the fact that I thought I wasn't  going to like it. I had a phase of watching it 3 times in a row, that's how much I loved it.

Bridget Jones
I actually wanted my friends to see this one and was completely crushed when they told me they thought it was boring. I could have cried right then and there (Do I take it too personal?).
Weirdly enough, I count this movie as a Christmas movie as it gives off the vibe to me. It does play a lot in the London winter, so that could be why.

The newest addition to my favorites but my love for Baymax is already running deep.
I love cute movies and this big, fluffy Marshmallow with eyes practically sent me to heaven. The story is so beautiful and the friendships in there make me want to cry into my friends shoulders and never let them go.

Lilo & Stitch
My all time favorite Disney movie. I've loved to watch both the movie and the TV show as a kid and still to this day love the movie. I love it so much, I cuddle a Stitch every night in bed. I bought a Stitch in a Disney store in Palma de Mallorca as a souvenir for myself (a tradition I have whenever I go on holiday to remember it by). I love the songs in this movie so much, at one point I had one of the songs as my alarm on my phone.

Uncle Buck
This movie is so old but so good. I love John Candy movies. Cool Runnings is one I love probably just as much but didn't want to include as I don't have it on DVD. If you like old movies like The Breakfast Club you should give this one a shot. It is hilarious. And I love Macaulay Culkin when he was a kid (Home Alone times) so it makes it that much better.

Mean Girls
You could probably already tell from the GIF above, that this one was in my list. But really, who doesn't love Mean Girls? I especially love Amy Poehler in this movie, but then again when do I not love Amy Poehler in anything ever? My love for her runs deep, really deep.

Baby Mama
Which shouldn't surprise you, now that I declared my love for Amy Poehler. I love when she works with Tina Fey (who actually also starred in Mean Girls) as I think the two of them together are unstoppable. The two of them together will make anything hilarious.

What is your favorite movie?

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