Recipe: Spaghetti Salad

As I plan on working in Australia as an Aupair at the beginning of next year (fingers crossed) I set myself the task to cook a lot more at home. Something that is easy and fast it is.

Now, I am not a good cook. I hate cooking with a passion. Something about that always makes me feel stressed out.

However, I love baking and it relaxes me a lot. Weird, I know.

The recipe I want to share with you is no rocket science obviously as I suck at cooking. However, it has always been a recipe that everyone liked and was easy to prepare without spending hours chopping and cooking. 

Spaghetti Salad


500g Spaghetti
200g feta cheese
Tomatoes  (take as many as you want)
Olive oil + balsamic + water + herbs (for the vinaigrette)

Cook the spaghetti al dente.
Chop the tomatoes and the cheese into cubes.
Mix Olive oil, balsamic and a bit of water together. Put your favorite herbs into the vinaigrette as well as salt and pepper.
When everything is done and the spaghetti cooled down a bit, mix everything together in a big bowl and voilĂ , you're done.

Tip: In my opinion the salad is the best still lukewarm. However, it is just as good after it was in the fridge for a while.

If you have a easy recipe and would love to share it, go ahead and tell me in the comments. 

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