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White Chocolate Pretzel Blondies: I love baking. I love Pretzels. I love white chocolate.
So clearly, this should be the perfect recipe for me. I haven't tried it out yet, but will hopefully soon.
If I am successful, I might blog about it.

Go After Dreams: If you take a look at my pinterest, you will see loads of inspirational stuff like this one. So it's hardly surprising, that my favorite pins are inspirational sentences. I think for most people it is hard to follow their dreams. Who hasn't done something just because their friends did it or wanted to go there? I usually take whatever my dad tells me to do and afterwards just don't feel happy or motivated to do the thing.

Negative Mind: I am a pessimist in most situations. I don't like to admit it but it is true.
I think, for people like me, this quote should be important. I believe, if you think more positively about life and situations, you will feel happier about it in the end.

Carrot cake pancakes: I love finding different pancake recipes and will definitely try this one out at some point. It looks so delicious.
Get Shit Done: I am a procrastinator. It is bad, I know.
I like to keep quotes, like this one, somewhere were I can see them every now and then to keep me motivated and stop me from procrastinating.
South Tyrol: My family is a South Tyrol fanatic. If they could, they would move to South Tyrol. But until then, they have to spend all of their holidays there. I haven't been in South Tyrol in a while, however my sister wants to spend new years eve there with the fam. Since she mentioned that, I badly wanted to go again. It does not help the situation I already am in (poor and wanting to go on holiday) when one of your favorite bloggers was in South Tyrol and is blogging all about it (I am looking at you, InTheFrow).
What have your favorite pins been? 
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