Blogmas Day 1: 5 Things About Myself

Welcome in December and welcome to Blogmas!
I decided to take part in Blogmas this year. I will try to post one blog post a day up to the 24th.

I am a big procrastinator and blogging every day will be a tough one for me, but hopefully I will make it until the 24th of December. Wish me luck!
Now, the first blog post of this years Blogmas is to tell you 5 things about myself. 
I did a 25 Facts about me almost 3 months ago and nothing really changed until then, but I was determined to find 5 new facts about myself for you to get to know me even better.
  1. I am currently planning on staying in Australia as an aupair at the beginning of next year (fingers crossed)
  2. I love HTML, which is why I like to spend my days looking to improve my blog by changing up the code and adding new things.
  3. I have this weird habit, where I mock a song in a weird voice. I just start randomly belting out the words in this weird voice. Doesn't matter if I'm alone or with my family.
  4. I don't like to admit it but: I am a terrible sick person.
    I will let everyone know I am sick and what exactly is bothering me.
  5. I hate talking on the phone because I never seem to understand people and am too shy to ask them to repeat it so I pretend to understand it all. That's why I never pick up the phone!

Are you participating in Blogmas? Do you have 5 things you want to share about yourself?
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