Blogmas Day 12: Next years accomplishments

I didn't really know how to caption the blog post for today. The task is, to write about what I hope to accomplish next year on this blog. 

If all goes to plan, I will spend the first half of next year in Australia (eeek!) as an aupair. 

I am honestly not quite sure how I will manage blogging and looking after kids. I do hope to blog every now and then, but I really don't think I get to blog as much as I did the last months (two times a week) and it makes me a bit sad. I like blogging a lot. 

It is something, I am used to do by now and enjoy working on. I do hope to make it up with a couple stories and good pictures of beautiful Australia. 

In September, I will start working (training) full time, which is a big change to the zero hours of working I'm doing at the moment. 

My hopes for next years accomplishment would be, to still be blogging. I don't want to forget about it and I would love to share as much with you as possible in the little bit of time I will have to myself. 

I also hope to get better in photography and writing. Right now, I am still trying to improve a lot and am rarely really happy with a post. I hope to be proud of my blog post and be able to say: "This is a good one. I like this post."

Do you have a blog? What are your accomplishments for it next year?

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  1. That's very exciting! Whereabouts in Oz are you au pairing? The weather will be so different for you! :)

    1. I'll be living near Melbourne. I am leaving winter behind and travel into the sun. And when winter has arrived in Melbourne, I'll be heading back into German summer :D

  2. That's so exciting Anne! I hope you get to go to Australia! I've never been there, but everyone seems in love with it and work experience sounds very good in there. Good luck!

    Assia |

  3. Thank you, Assia :) I'm still waiting for my Visa and after that I can finally book my flight.

  4. How exciting!! I hope you get to post occasionally to keep us updated with how you're getting on!!

    1. I hope so too. I would love to have my blog as some kind of diary of what my life in Australia was like. I think I will try to write a diary and try to summarize a week or a month for this blog. That's of course wishful thinking.

  5. How exciting!! I hope you get to post occasionally to keep us updated with how you're getting on!!


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