Blogmas Day 16: Christmas Playlist

I'm not the kind of person to always be in a Christmassy mood.
It's quite hard for me to get excited for Christmas, mostly when there is no snow outside.

The last three years, it hasn't been snowing on Christmas. Snow is something, that I need to get into the spirit. One year it was quite warm and the sun was out, And I feel like the weather won't change that much until Christmas.

With the weather being to autumn-like, I need something else to get me in the spirit.
Movies and Music is the only other way.

I already shared my Favorite Christmas Movies and today I want to share my Christmas Vibes Playlist from Spotify. You should know by now, that I love to share my favorite songs and thought it would be a nice task to find songs I could put into my Christmas playlist.

Quite a few of the are classics (like Last Christmas), a few of the are inspired by Christmas Movies (Christmas Vacation) and a few of them are from different Christmas playlists I found. I also had to add a few songs from Minted Rouge's Playlist. She's participating on Blogmas as well and I had to add a couple of her songs to my playlist (Baby, it's cold outside. I didn't know Zooey Deschanel was part of a band).

It is quite a long playlist with 31 songs and 1 hour and 48 minutes, so I hope there is a song for everyone. I probably forgot some songs I really like, but what can a girl do?


  1. Yay! So glad you liked them. I love your playlist. I'll be listening to it on the way to work this morning.

    1. Of course :) I'm glad you like mine. Have fun listening to it :)

  2. Some of my favourites there! Great list


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