Blogmas Day 17: What Am I most thankful for?

Happy Birthday to me!
This topic is so well-timed. I like to get a bit emotional and nostalgic on my birthday, so this should be easy for me, right? Also, I just watched this german ad and had tears in my eyes. It made me think.

You can activate English subtitles so you'll understand what they say if you're not German.

I've had a somewhat rough year. Personal issues, exams stress, working long hours that lead to getting sick. So, what is it that I am most thankful for?
I guess, the people in my life. From my sisters, to my friends, to my math tutor I had for the last two years.

My tutor helped me more than she needed to. She didn't just help me in math, but with exam stress in general. She became someone I relied on the most in the first half of this year. She helped me with my personal issues, wanting to travel and in general became a good friend. I am so incredibly thankful for her. She could have just done her job, teaching me in math and send me home right away but she took her time to help me and be someone I could be open with.

My sisters, who sometimes are a pain in the ass (they would say the same about me though) but think of me when they want to go somewhere and ask me to tag along because they know I would be at home all alone (single life struggles). 

And my friends. The ones I still have contact with, as well as the ones that I don't really have contact with anymore (but were and still are important to me). They distracted me when I had my personal low and when I was stressing myself out over exams. I am thankful to have them in my life and that they don't hate me for being mean all the time (sarcasm doesn't really cut it for me anymore. I like to make fun of people and insult them. Playfully).

What are you most thankful for?

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  1. Happy Birthday lovely. That advert made me bawl my eyes out the first time I saw it!!

  2. I feel like this is a question we should ask ourselves every single day - at morning and at night. We are so lucky for the beautiful things we own, both physical and spiritual. Thanks Anne for reminding me to be grateful today <3

    Assia |

    1. I'm glad. We should always remind ouselves for what we should be grateful.


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