Blogmas Day 18: Christmas Traditions

Happy Friday, everyone!
My Family has never been really traditional, so the few "traditions" I can think off will probably be really random. 
Christmas Tree
We will usually have a Christmas Tree a week before Christmas but keep it outside until Christmas Eve. Around noon, we will bring it inside and my sister and me will decorate it. Are we the only ones waiting until Christmas Day for the tree to be decorated? I always feel like we are. We're also really fast on getting rid of it as well.
My mum and my sisters will be in the kitchen for hours, preparing the meals. One of my sisters is always preparing dessert, which usually is a homemade ice cream and a little cake or souffle. We usually have a roast with a few side dishes (more than usual). It's a real feast. I love it!
After Dinner, we will clean up the mess and sit around the living room watching Christmas movies together. After everything is cleaned up and everyone is there, we will exchange presents. This is a German tradition. We don't wait until the morning. We each take turns in giving out our presents until there are none left. 
2nd Day of Christmas
As we celebrate Christmas in our family with no relatives, we will invite them over on the 2nd Day of Christmas. The last couple of years, only my grandma and sometimes my great grandma could come though.
Do you and your family have any Christmas traditions?

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  1. This sounds lovely <3 Love the Christmas Tree tradition! :)

    Assia |


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