Blogmas Day 7: Favorite Things To Do in the Christmas Holidays

Christmas is the time of the year, that I seem even more lazy than any other time of the year.
It's cold outside and warm inside the house. Why go outside? Oh, the dog! Right!
While walking the dog can turn into the most hated thing I have to do around this time of year, I want to highlight the good things that I like to do in my Christmas Holidays.

Obviously, most of us will love Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Another day I like in the holidays is my birthday. A week before Christmas Eve. I haven't been celebrating it properly in a couple of years now. The last years, my birthdays always been during the week and celebrating it would have been on weekends, where everyone is already planning things for Christmas. Instead of demanding everyone to take time to celebrate with me, I have been spending my birthdays with a good dinner with my family. That's it! A good dinner (usually ends up being pizza), a cake, some presents.

Around Christmas, I love to watch Christmas movies with my family. Not only Christmas movies, but the German version of "Farmer wants a wife" has been somewhat of a tradition to watch in my family. I don't know why we watch that, but we do.

I love to wrap presents. It's like a silent competition between my sisters and me on who will wrap the the best and prettiest. I never win, but I like to get a bit more creative when it comes to the wrapping. 

I think, one thing most of us will love is baking. We don't really eat cookies throughout the year and will bake different types of Christmas cookies for hours. Usually, we will have so many cookies at home that we will be sick of it on Christmas.

Something I consider a tradition, is when my family spends a day in a city to go shopping. We usually do that between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Some time in that week, we will all drive to the next big city and go clothes shopping. 

What do you like to do in your Christmas Holidays?

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  1. I love to wrap gifts too! And bake cookies...but I'm lacking the self control to hold off on eating cookies the rest of the year! Sometimes it's like you'd think they were going extinct! ☺ Hope you have a great week and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!

    1. We usually eat cake instead of cookies, so I'm lacking on self control as well :D Thank you so much, that's so sweet of you. I hope you have a great week as well and Happy Holidays :)

  2. Me and my little one are having a go at baking some cookies as gifts this year :) Maybe it will become a tradition for us too :)

    1. Your little one will have so much fun. I remember, when I was little and my mum would prepare the dough and roll it out and me and my sisters got to decided which shapes we would use and how to decorate them. It was always so much fun :)


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