Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Happy New Year!

Today's a special day for my Blog. Not only is it New Years, but it is my blog's first year anniversary. I wish I could make a cake for my blog!

Today, one year ago, I posted my first ever blog post around 3am. I know, that's pretty late. I started creating my blog after midnight on New Years, came up with Decanne and posted 2 blog post (2nd blog post). I was planning on travelling the world with a friend of mine, hence the bucket list. Sadly, that never came around. We barely talk anymore. I think we were too different from the start to do something as big as a 3 month holiday. 

I was new to the whole blogging world. I started a blog not knowing what I had to do, what to write or photograph. I didn't know a thing about Blogger. So, at some point I forgot about my blog and started to concentrate on my exams. Only 5 months later, I came back to my blog and started to change the layout and blog posts. I started to blog more often, at some point blogging twice a week. 
I grew to love blogging. It is a hobby, something I always think about and want to do most of the times. Yes, sometimes it feels like a chore to write something, but I learned to deal with that and motivate myself. 

Now here I am, I just finished Blogmas successfully and look ahead on a new year. I am so proud to have taken the step into blogging. To have continued to blog, even with a bigger break for me. 
I hope to continue blogging this year. I want to better myself in photography and writing, as well as layout. I am always looking out for new plugins, new themes and gadgets. I love coding, even if it is just changing up an old code to a new one. 

In 22 days, I will be on my flight to Melbourne. I hope to be able to blog every once in a while. If it's just a short post with photos of what I've been up to or a big one to update you on how I am and what I learned, seen and think.

Here is to a new year. Here is to 2016. To new challenges, change, a lot to learn and things to blog.

Love always,
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