Ofra Liquid Lipsticks

The Liquid Lipstick obsession is real!

I know, I dedicated a whole blog post to the Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Miami Fever and you probably ask yourself why I want to write another blog post.

Well, as a birthday present from my sister, I got to order 3 things off the Ofra website (I love my sister!) and decided to write up another post to show you what I got.
You can call me crazy for that, but I wanted another Miami Fever Liquid Lipstick. I use mine so often, I am scared of ever running out of it as it is the most beautiful color I own. So I got one of these.
"Miami Fever"
"Havana Nights"

And as you probably already know, I am a big fan of Kathleenlights. She created Miami Fever and now she came out with her second color which is called "Havana Nights". It is a beautiful deep dark red. I still need to get around to wear it. It's a much trickier color to apply than Miami Fever. 

To be honest, I suck at applying lipstick and this color is so beautiful but so hard for me to apply. God knows, how many times I tried to apply this color and ended up removing it to put another color on. 

What persuaded me to buy Havana Nights was a snap from Kathleen herself, swatching Miami Fever and Havana Nights and then mixing the two of them together.

Ein von kathleenlights (@kathleenlights) gepostetes Foto am

"Bel Air"

And last, but most definitely not least, I got a color called "Bel Air".
To me, it is the perfect nude. It's got a peachy undertone, which I love, and is so easy to apply. I've been grabbing for this one a lot lately, when I just wanted to put a bit of color on my lips real quick.
These are all the shades I own until now. I love the formula of these and the colors are amazing. 

What are your favorite Liquid Lipsticks?
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