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Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry, I couldn't post on Wednesday and Sunday like I usually would. I don't have my laptop as it's getting repaired at the moment and all of my photos are currently saved on a memory card. But I thought, I could share something else with you today.

As you might know, I will be going to Melbourne at the end of the month and I am super excited about that. I will be staying with a lovely family as their Au pair until the end of July.
I started to plan some things for myself, like what I want to see in Melbourne and where I want to go in my free time or my holiday. So, I thought I could make a Bucketlist of all the things I came up with and share it here on my blog and maybe update you at some point on what I did of these things.
Obviously, I only skyped with my host family twice, only once with the kids, so I am not sure what they would want to do with me. So this Bucketlist is mostly for myself (Holidays, free time etc) and not really meant as a family activity. We'll see, what I do with all of them or the kids alone. 

  • Go to the Melbourne Zoo (I never went to a Zoo before!)
  • See a Kangaroo
  • See a Penguin
  • See a Koala
  • See a Tasmanian Devil
  • Go to Tasmania
  • See the Southern Lights (Obviously, only if I would go to Tasmania)
  • Go to Sydney
  • See the Twelve Apostels
  • Go into Sephora (What? We don't have these in Germany)
  • Go to the Brighton Beach
  • Go to Fiji (I realized, I might not have enough paid leave to go to Tasmania, Sydney AND Fiji. We'll see where I decide to go)
  • Drive (or maybe see?)  the Great Ocean Road
  • Go to Yarra Valley
  • Go on the Eureka Tower
  • See the Sydney Opera House
  • And the Harbour Bridge
  • Make new Friends
  • Go to the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Go to the Queen-Victoria-Market
  • Go to New Zealand (That would be so cool)

As you can see, there are a few things I want to see. Most of them are the typical tourist things. I will update you on new things I want to do and what I've done already. 

Do you live in Melbourne or have been there before?
What should I put on my list?

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