Sephora Haul

I was incredibly excited when I first stepped foot into the Sephora in Melbourne.
We don't have a Sephora in Germany and I didn't want to drive to France just to go in one.
Melbourne Victoria, Australien

Melbourne Week 3: Royal Botanic Gardens & St Kilda Festival

Welcome to week 3 of my Melbourne series.
I know, I know. I've fallen behind with updating you on what I did. It is the end of week 4 and I deliver a blog post about week 3. Shame on me!
Melbourne Victoria, Australien

Melbourne Week 2: Birthdays and Camp visits

Hello everyone,
I just started my 3rd week in Australia. If you want to know what I got up to in week 1 click here.
I hope to make a series of these diary entries, because looking back at it I might be thankful that I wrote down everything I did.
Melbourne Victoria, Australien

Melbourne Week 1: Settling in, Australia Day & Healesville Sanctuary

Hello everyone,
As I've mentioned really briefly in my last blog post, I am now in Australia.

I will be living with a family for the next 6 months and do what aupairs normally do.
I do hope to continue blogging and I think it would be really nice to write up a weekly update of what I got up to. 

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