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Melbourne Week 2: Birthdays and Camp visits

Hello everyone,
I just started my 3rd week in Australia. If you want to know what I got up to in week 1 click here.
I hope to make a series of these diary entries, because looking back at it I might be thankful that I wrote down everything I did.
Week 2 was my first week of "work". The parents went to work everyday and the kids had to go to school. The oldest of the two girls went to camp on Tuesday for 8 days, so that left me with the little one alone. 
While she loves to be on her iPad and watch youtube videos or play Minecraft (I really don't get this game. I'm already too old) we did have a lot of fun after school. One day we did our nails and she tried to do my hair. Another day we played with the Nerf Guns and had a pillow fight.
I went into Melbourne to get a few things from Lush. I picked up a Mask of Magnaminty (I've talked about how much I love it before) and the Herbalism Cleanser (which smells really bad but makes my skin feel really soft).
Thursdays are date nights for the parents and we were home alone in the evening. We ate pretty late and watched a show on Netflix that she really enjoys. 
On Saturday was my Host dad's birthday. Me and my Host mum made a Black Forest Cherry Cake (because I'm from the Black Forest and he really likes that cake) for his special day. We went to a restaurant and met up with his parents and his brother (all of them I haven't met before). It was pretty loud in there and I could barely understand a thing, which overwhelmed me a lot. 
Did you ever have to pay attention to so many different conversations in a different language? It's incredibly tiring to focus on all of that. I didn't even mean to focus on all of that, but it is quite complicated to drown everything out.
We all went back home to eat the cake, which was mostly good. The bottom sponge of the cake didn't turn out the way we wanted but it was still edible.
On Sunday, we went to the Camp the oldest one is in. It was family day and so we all met up at the camp to have a picnic. She showed us around the Camp. Where she sleeps, the beach and the animals they have. We also met up with a couple of other families, that I got to know last week and who's kids went to camp as well. 
They have a bunch of Guinea Pigs at camp, which I loved. I had 2 Guinea Pigs when I was younger and my sisters and I loved them. They have two goats as well, one which only has 3 legs.
I got to go to the beach for the first time. The camp has it's own beach, so we went down there to see it. I haven't been able to go to a beach here in Australia (something my mother keeps reminding me to do) and was thrilled to find out that they had a beach. I didn't go for a swim or even went to the water, but it was nice to be at the beach. 
So, that's what I got up to in Week 2. 

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