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Melbourne Week 3: Royal Botanic Gardens & St Kilda Festival

Welcome to week 3 of my Melbourne series.
I know, I know. I've fallen behind with updating you on what I did. It is the end of week 4 and I deliver a blog post about week 3. Shame on me!
Week 3 was kind of stressful. Mostly the weekend was filled with stuff I wanted to do. Because I am not used to doing so much on a weekend, I needed a week to just do nothing. I feel like a 20 year old isn't supposed to feel like that, but that's me. I don't need a lot of things to do.
Anyway, here's what I got up to in week 3 in Melbourne.
I met up with a girl from my old school. She's a au pair in Melbourne, but will be finished in 2 weeks. We met up on Wednesday in Melbourne and got a coffee and talked about everything. She showed me around Melbourne a bit, because I've only seen one street in Melbourne.

We decided to meet up at the weekend again.
So, on saturday I went back to Melbourne to meet my friend.
We walked along the Yarra River to the Royal Botanic Gardens and sat by the lake to talk. Then we decided to go to Fitzroy, which is a suburb of Melbourne, to see the Rose Street Artists' Market. 

On our way we stopped at the Naughty Boy Cafe to try their Instashakes. My friend saw pictures of it on Instagram and as soon as she showed me a picture I was sold.
I took the Chocolate & Nutella Fudge Instashake. I think I've gone to heaven and back. Just look at it!

After that we took the Tram to Rose Street, where the market is. They sell handmade things and most of the were pretty cute. Mostly the jewelry fascinated me. Everything was so creative.

After we walked through the suprisingly small market, we made our way back into the city. We went into the acmi museum on Federation square for half an hour (they were closing). I've spotted Blinky Bill between the different movies they show in acme and got extremely excited. Am I the only one that was obsessed with Blinky Bill as a kid? I loved Blinky Bill.

After the acmi museum we sat down at the Federation Square to listen to a DJ playing and watched random people dance to the music.
You could say that we were productive on Saturday.
On Sunday, we met up again to go to St Kilda Festival.
It's a free music festival on the beach of St Kilda, another suburb of Melbourne.
My friend wanted to meet up with a couple of guys she got to know in Melbourne and by the time we were finally in St Kilda it was after 2pm (I met her at 12pm!). 
We walked around St Kilda in a big, international group of people I didn't know (which made me feel quite anxious) for a couple of hours. We listened to some music, got free Frozen Yoghurt and sat by the beach. My friend and me then met up with people she knew from school and once again sat by the main stage and listened to the music.

I didn't take a lot of photos because of how packed it was in St Kilda that day.
We arrived back in Melbourne by 8pm. I was home by 9.30pm.
You can't imagine how bad my feet ached and still did 2 days after. 
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