Great Ocean Rd, Victoria, Australien

Roadtrip: Great Ocean Road & Grampians

Hello everybody!

Recently, I got the chance to drive down the Great Ocean Road with 3 other girls.
Thanks to Labour Day, we had a long weekend to do whatever we pleased and found each other through Facebook, bonding over us having the same plans for the 4 days.

Collective Skin Care Haul

There are some things I just can not live without for even 6 months.
A good skin care routine for example. In the last 3 weeks of me being in Melbourne, I collected a few things for my skin care that I couldn't take with me.
I went to Lush, Priceline and Mecca Cosmetica to put together a good routine to help prevent my skin from breaking out badly.

Rainbow Rowell: Landline

“How could she ever doubt that he loved her? When loving her was what he did better than all the things he did beautifully.” 
I think it is safe to say that Rainbow Rowell is my favourite author. I loved Eleanor & Park (blog post here), which is my absolute favourite book and now that I read Landline I want to buy every book she wrote. 

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