Rainbow Rowell: Landline

“How could she ever doubt that he loved her? When loving her was what he did better than all the things he did beautifully.” 
I think it is safe to say that Rainbow Rowell is my favourite author. I loved Eleanor & Park (blog post here), which is my absolute favourite book and now that I read Landline I want to buy every book she wrote. 

I got so hooked on this story, even though I had my doubts at the beginning. I don't like to read fiction. The kind of books that are unrealistic. I like to read about things that have happened or that are likely to happen to someone.

I don't think this story is one of them. Despite all of that, I still loved to read this book and find out what is going to happen next.
The story follows Georgie McCool, a screenwriter for a really bad TV show, trying to fix her marriage. 

Georgie and her writing partner Seth just got the amazing news that their script for their dream show has been given the green light. The only problem here: They have to write 4 episodes until the end of Christmas.

In order to write as much as possible, Georgie can't come to Omaha with her husband, Neal, and two girls to visit his Family. Neal takes the girls with him to Nebraska to leave Georgie to concentrate on work. 

However, Georgie can't help but think about how much she misses her family. She tries to call Neal but he never picks up the phone. Instead, her kids will at times, making her feel guilty about thinking that she only wants to talk to Neal.

She decides to spend the night at her mom's house, who is already convinced that Neal left her. She spends the night in her childhood bedroom. She decides to try and call Neal from the landline, because her phone is constantly dead. She grabs her old yellow rotary phone and dials his parents house. 

When someone picks up and she talks to Neal, she feel like he is more upset than she thought. What she didn't know was, that she talked to Neal in 1998. The year he went back home after he broke up with her.

Georgie tries her hardest to deny it, but she stumbled upon a time travelling phone in her childhood bedroom. Now there's only one thing in her mind:
Would Neal be better off, if he never married Georgie?

As I mentioned before, this story seems really unlikely. Even though, I don't like these kinds of books I enjoyed reading this so much. I wanted to read the whole book in one go, overnight. That's how much I loved reading it.

To me, it doesn't quite reach Eleanor & Park, but it's pretty damn close.

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