Great Ocean Rd, Victoria, Australien

Roadtrip: Great Ocean Road & Grampians

Hello everybody!

Recently, I got the chance to drive down the Great Ocean Road with 3 other girls.
Thanks to Labour Day, we had a long weekend to do whatever we pleased and found each other through Facebook, bonding over us having the same plans for the 4 days.

We rented a car and took off to Torquay beach. We stopped to take a swim in the big waves and then continued driving to the Great Ocean Road. We made small stops at Bells Beach, Point Addis, Teddy's Lookout and Erskine Falls, saw a wild Koala and looked at the stone stacks on a beach. We eventually made it to Apollo Bay, where we stayed the night in a Hostel.

Torquay Beach

Point Addis

Start of the Great Ocean Road

Eskine Falls

Wild Koala

Stone stacks

The next morning was spent looking for a place to stay, as we couldn't find a place to stay when we first looked for accommodations. We ended up booking a night on a Farm near Portland over Airbnb. Our main goal that day was to see the Twelve Apostels. We stopped at Cape Otway but didn't want to pay 20 Dollars so decided to see if the lookout that was for free and were incredibly dissapointed at the little we got to see of the Lighthouse.

Our Highlight of the day was the Twelve Apostels and Gibson Steps. Something about big rocks in the Ocean seems to be incredibly fascinating. Another favorite was the Bay of Martyrs.

Gibson Steps

The Twelve Apostels

The 3rd day, we made our way to Halls Gap to explore the Grampians National Park. 
My favorite was, when we took a swim in McKenzies Falls. It was really refreshing and I somehow always wanted to swim under a waterfall.

I also loved Reed Lookout, where we spent a lot of time just taking some of my favorite photos of this whole trip. We stopped at The Balconies after that, but we were not blown away by what we saw.
Driving back to Halls Gap, we were lucky enough to see wild kangaroos (or maybe Wallabies? I seriously can't tell a difference) on a sports field. We took a couple of photos of them and headed to our stay for the night.

Reed Lookout

The Balconies Lookout

McKenzie Falls

On the last day, we drove back to Melbourne through Ballarat. That day wasn't really eventful. I did like Ballarat though. 

I got to see a small part of Australia and along the way made some really good friends. With one of them, I am going to explore Tasmania over Easter, so by the time you read this I am already in Tassie. I do get around much lately.

Be prepared for a blog post about my adventures in Tasmania. 
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