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Roadtrip: Tasmania Part 1

As I already announced in my Great Ocean Road blog post (here), I went to Tasmania for a week with a friend of mine. Tasmania was one of my must-do's here in Australia and I am so happy that I got to go there. I will be writing 2 parts of what we got up to in Tasmania. Have fun with Part 1.
We had to wake up at 4am to drink a smoothie, get ready and catch an Uber to get us to the airport in time. Our plane was to leave at 7am to fly to Hobart. Once landed in Hobart, we picked up our rental car from europcar and made our way into Hobart to look at the Salamanca Market.  
I was kind of sceptical with everyone saying that you need to go to the Salamanca Market because I personally don't enjoy markets that much but both of us really loved to walk around the market for a while. I picked up something for my mum at one of the decoration parts of the Salamanca Market. We got our lunch there, which was an Omelette burger and bought some strawberries to eat over the next days.

Then we took off to Coles Bay, where we stayed the night. Along the way we made some stops whenever we saw a beach. 
We treated ourselves to a nice bottle of white wine, which we bought at one of the vineyards on the way to Coles Bay.

The next morning we drove to the Freycinet National Park, which was just a short drive from where we stayed, to take a look at all the beaches there.
We started off walking up the Wineglass Bay lookout. As much as I hate to admit it, I am not fit at all and had my difficulties walking up there. I definitely need to work out again. 
Once up the mountain on the lookout, I wasn't too impressed with the view. At some point, lookouts just won't do much to you anymore. They all seem kind of the same. We took a short break and then decided to walk down to the beach of the Wineglass Bay. 

The walk to the beach was a bit difficult. There are a lot of stones meant to be steps, but it was all downhill from the lookout. 
Wineglass Bay turned out to be stunning. We stayed there for over an hour, taking photos, breathing in the sea air and enjoying life.

We once again stayed at Honeymoon Bay for awhile, taking photos and eating something. 
Back at the car, we drove back in the direction of Coles Bay and made a stop at Honeymoon Bay and Sleepy Bay. 
At Sleepy Bay, I loved the walk to the beach. The view while walking down there was really nice and we even saw an Echidna. 

After that, we made out way to Swansea. We actually had to drive down again because we couldn't find anywhere else to stay. We drove through Swansea the day before and really wanted to stop at Kate's Berry Farm. We drank a coffee and ate Pancakes, which were absolutely amazing. We've been talking about these for the rest of the week and have been comparing other berry farms to this one. The Kate's Berry Farm was definitely the best.

We drove into Swansea and settled into our Hostel for the night. We made some pasta for dinner and drank the rest of our wine.
Well, that's it for now. You want to know what we got up to next? 
Part 2 is here
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