Sydney Adventures

Hey everyone,
The last time I blogged about Australia, I was in Adelaide for a couple of days. From there on I've been on the go. I went to Sydney for a couple of days and then met up with my friends and drove up the east coast. After that I had one more day in Melbourne before I had my flight back home. 

The long lost Colourpop Haul

You might be confused by the title of this blog post.
Basically what happened: I ordered some stuff from Colourpop right after my first Colourpop Haul and it never made it's way onto this blog. My order arrived just before I left for Adelaide and I never had time to take photos of everything I got. I'd like to do that now. Over two months later.

August Favorites

It has been a long time since I shared my monthly favorites with you. The last 6 months in Australia went by in a blur and now I'm sitting here on my couch in Germany, thinking about my blog for the first time in a month. I have quite a few favorites to share with you. I have discovered so many amazing things in the last months, that I haven't shared with you yet.

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