Sydney Adventures

Hey everyone,
The last time I blogged about Australia, I was in Adelaide for a couple of days. From there on I've been on the go. I went to Sydney for a couple of days and then met up with my friends and drove up the east coast. After that I had one more day in Melbourne before I had my flight back home. 

So, like I said, after Adelaide I went to Sydney for 4 days. Once again I was on my own. I was so excited to finally be in Sydney but I was kind of anxious as well. I didn't know what to do or what to see apart from Circular Quay. I just knew I wanted to see the Opera House. Who doesn't tbh?

I have been dreaming about going to Sydney for quite a while now and I didn't want to get disappointed. That was my main fear. Not just that I wouldn't like it but that it was my fault for not seeing the right things or doing something absolutely stupid instead of the main sights I knew I wanted to see. I'm not the best when it comes to organizing and planning my travels was never something I liked to do. In fact, in Adelaide I only had one thing planned. Going to Kangaroo Island for a day. That's all I knew I had to do. Same goes for Melbourne. I had no idea of this beautiful city before I arrived.

Anyway, after making my way to the train station from the airport, I tried to find my way around Sydney and hopefully find the right train to Burwood where I would be staying for 4 nights. Burwood is a little bit more quiet and secluded but I was fine with that. I didn't need to be right in the center of the city.

I decided to just look around Burwood that night, instead of going into the city right away. I walked to the Park and then went into Westfield to find something to eat for dinner and breakfast/lunch the next day. 

Day 2

After getting ready the next morning, I took the train to Town Hall. I went into Forever 21, Sephora and a couple of other shops before I walked to Circular Quay. I went to the Opera House and just sat there for an hour, enjoying the sun and feeling absolutely happy and content. 

After my little break I got on the train to Bondi Junction. I walked around the shopping center for a little while before I went to Bondi Beach by bus. I really wanted to see Bondi and the Bondi Icebergs, a kind of famous outdoor pool located at Bondi Beach. Sadly, the pools weren't filled that day because of a freak storm a week before that didn't leave the pools in the best condition. But it was cool to see either way. 

After that, I just sat on the beach for a while, feeling the sand beneath me and listening to the ocean sounds. It was way to cold to swim but just perfect to enjoy every little moment and watch the surfers on their boards riding the waves. 

Day 3

On day number 3, I wanted to see if I could find the Hard Rock Cafe. I really wanted a shirt with Hard Rock Sydney on it. That's the one souvenir I really wanted from Sydney. I took the train to Town Hall and walked to Darling Harbour. It took me a bit to find my way around and mostly find the Hard Rock shop but I got there at the end. After I bought my shirt I went to find Gelato Messina.

My friend introduced me to this amazing place back in Melbourne and told me they had a store in Sydney that I needed to find as well. And I did because that Gelato was seriously amazing. If you're ever in Sydney or Melbourne you have to go to Gelato Messina. 

I walked back to Circular Quay, went into Sephora another time because I have a serious shopping problem that I should sort out. But that's what I did. 

Day 4  

On my last day in Sydney, I didn't really have anything I really wanted to do. I just decided on the spot where I would go. So, I went to The Rocks and found The Rocks Market. I looked around the market for a little while and went back to Circular Quay after I was done. I decided to treat myself to a late breakfast in one of the many restaurants at Circular Quay. I had Eggs Benedict with salmon and a coffee while enjoying the moment once again. I had a table outside and watched all the people rush by and the ferries drive by. 

After I was done, I spontaneously took a ferry to Manly. The ferry ride took 45 minutes and I got to see quite a bit on the way to Manly. First, I went to Manly Beach which seemed to be pretty popular as a lot of people spend their Saturday there. I sat there for a little while once again enjoying the moment. It sounds pretty lame but I like to do that a lot, mostly when I'm alone or in a new place.  

I stood up after a bit and walked around the shopping district. Manly has a few shops that sell swimwear and I loved to look at the pieces they sold. I decided to buy my dad a Manly shirt from a souvenir shop while I was there which took me awhile. I walked back to get the next ferry back to Circular Quay when the sun set.

Back at Circular Quay, I took some more photos of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge at night before I went back to Burwood to go to bed. I had to wake up early the next morning to get my train to the airport and catch my flight to the Gold Coast.

I hope you liked my Sydney Adventures. I definitely hope to come back some day and see all the things I didn't have time to see this time. 
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