The long lost Colourpop Haul

You might be confused by the title of this blog post.
Basically what happened: I ordered some stuff from Colourpop right after my first Colourpop Haul and it never made it's way onto this blog. My order arrived just before I left for Adelaide and I never had time to take photos of everything I got. I'd like to do that now. Over two months later.
Left to right: Cami, Contempo and Dopey
Cami Lippie Stix
I love, love, love this color so much. This Lippie Stix is in the matte X formula. The matte Lippie Stix still have a creme finish to them, but this formula is a straight out matte. The first time I applied Cami on my lips, I went out for the whole day and it dried on my lips similar to a liquid lipstick. Some color still came off, but at the end of the day the color still looked good on my lips. However, I had trouble applying more on top of that color after it dried.
Contempo Lippie Stix
This has been my go to Lipstick recently. It's perfect for school. I put it onto my lips at 7am and when I come home at around 2pm my lips are stained a beautiful pink. Even though I drink a lot in the morning and eat something, I don't have to worry about touching up.
Dopey Ultra Satin Lip
I'll be honest with you. I tend to grab the Lippie Stix way more than the Ultra Matte or the Ultra Satin Lips. Anything that takes a bit more time and patience to put on is something I don't grab for most days. But that doesn't mean I don't like this product. Dopey is a really pretty dusty mauve color, which I think would be perfect for fall. I definitely need to wear this more often.
Left to right: Smokin' Whistles, Wattles and Birthday Boy

Smokin' Whistles Super Shock Cheek 
The first Highlight I got from Colourpop did not disappoint. This Highlight feels so smooth and it never looks cakey on top of my foundation and powder. I apply this with my finger and tap it on the places I want to shine. It's not the most long lasting Highlight in my collection, but one of the most wearable ones in my opinion. It's subtle enough to wear on it's own or with minimal makeup. I will definitely purchase more shades.
Wattles Super Shock Shadow
My favorite eye shadows are the ones that I could put on on it's own without a transition or crease shade and still feel like it is a beautiful eye look. That's why I love the MAC Woodwinked eye shadow so much and that's exactly why I love Wattles. 
Wattles is in a satin finish. It's a beautiful dusty pink shade that I like to apply onto my whole eyelid and blend out into my crease just a tiny bit. I am obsessed with this color.
Birthday Boy Super Shock Shadow
Do you remember that time, when Colourpop celebrated their 2 years anniversary and they announced that everyone who would purchase something would get a free eye shadow? That's basically why I placed an order. I needed to get this stunning eye shadow.
Birthday Boy is a beige taupe eye shadow with specks of purple, gold and pink glitter depending on the way the light hits the shadow. Soooooo stunning and unique. I tried to pick up the purple glitter with the camera but that's easier said than done.
Prance (left) and Swerve (right)
Crème Gel Liners in Swerve and Prance
I have been searching for the perfect eyeliner pencils for ages. Every pencil I tried out I had the same problem with. The would transfer, smudge and crease into the outer corner and inner corner of my eye. Every. Single. One.
These Gel Liners however, don't do that. They stay put all day. They feel creamy, glide on smoothly and come in a bunch of fun colors. Oh, and they are 5 Dollars each! What a bargain.
I picked up Swerve, which is a black and Prance, which is a "bright periwinkle blue" as Colourpop describe it. The only thing I don't like about these is how easy they break. 
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